You understand that you cannot return to your old situation where you had to deal with the wrong friends, troubled relationships, and unemployment. What you need is peace and quiet, and a healthy environment where you can work on your recovery. Pret in herstel offers that environment. You can either stay with us at one of our sheltered housing locations or get outpatient support at your own home. Pret in herstel offers the support you need after the time you spent at the clinic. We help you with your reintegration into society and offer our guidance to increase the chance to once more lead a healthy, meaningful, and addiction-free life. We will show you that an abstinent life can also be fun, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Our Mission
Our name Pret in herstel, meaning Fun in recovery, refers to a life in recovery that is both fun and challenging.

We provide pleasant and professional support, either in-house or as an outpatient client, which will offer our clients a future by living their lives independently and without any substance dependencies.

We can offer our services to anyone who has finished a 12 Steps Minnesota treatment because we understand what he or she has been going through. As individuals, our clients are equal to their counselors. This is how we are a part of the solution as recovering from an addiction and behavioral problems is not something you can do on your own.
With our approach and guidance, our clients will become self-sufficient citizens who can regain their place in society, in relationships, and as an employer. To achieve this, we use the 8 stages model and the 11 areas or aspects of life. Our key principles are open-mindedness, honesty, and willingness, and we adjust our model accordingly. One of the mandatory aspects is that our clients work on their 12 Steps Minnesota program. We collaborate with all institutions and clinics that offer treatments to addicts based on the Minnesota model.

We provide a healthy and positive work environment for our staff members who are all well-trained, certified (at least MBO 4) counselors and expert professionals. This shows our clients that life in recovery can be fun and challenging. Hence our name: Pret in herstel - Fun in recovery.

Our services and processes are reliable and transparent so our clients, their families, our employees, chain partners, referrers, and the clients’ other counselors know exactly what we’re doing because they are all important for mutual success.

Our Ambition
We strive to achieve a 100% outflow of clients who are free of addictions by offering outpatient support and/or in-house counseling at one of our housing options. Experience has taught us that aiming for a percentage of 100% may not be entirely realistic, but during our outpatient trajectory or by staying at one of our housing options, 75% of our clients manage to complete the trajectory. One year after the counseling has finished, 88% of our former clients are still clean (assessed by independent research agency Facit) and they have found their new place in society. 90% of our clients who complete our survey are very satisfied with our services.

"You alone can do it, but you’re not alone in doing it!"

Maurice Scheerder - Founder Pret in herstel
10 years already

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