Pret in Herstel can offer you:

  • Ambulatory support
  • Daytime activities
We work with these types of housing to help you in the best possible way to reintegrate into society after treatment. We guide you in the next ten areas;

  1. Housing
  2. Finance
  3. Social functioning
  4. Psychological functioning
  5. Meaning
  6. Physical functioning
  7. Practical work
  8. Daytime activities
  9. Personal care
  10. Recovery

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The strength of our approach is that we will work with you to set goals and achieve them. "Day by day" is our motto.

Ambulatory support (The Hague area)
A stay in our living environment isn’t always necessary. Sometimes it’s more desirable to work on your recovery from your own home situation. Through ambulatory support our counselors can help you at home too according to the 12-step Minnesota model. We help you return to society and accompany you to a healthy and addiction free life. Recovering from addiction and behavioral problems is something you’ll do yourself, but not alone! We’ll help you by learning you that a life free of addiction is fun, nice and pleasant.

In consultation with our clients we compose a work and residential plan. Help with finding and maintaining a good daily schedule, keeping up with your social network, running a household and having fun in recovery come first.

Daytime activities (The Hague area)
At Pret in Herstel we acknowledge the value of work. It’s an important step on the path of recovery and return to society. Daytime activities can be a good first step to set your life into motion and get a perspective of the future. We offer plenty of choice when it comes to daytime activities and we will motivate you to discover new talents or to develop them further. For all our clients possibilities are available that suit their needs and capacities. From making furniture to cooking, sports, or tinkering with cars. The possibilities are extensive. At the moment we are working on a new project as well, whereby we restore an old boat.