Indication criteria for referral are:

  • Addiction as their primary problem.
  • Are pending or have been recently.
  • Actively participate in support groups.
  • Motivated to work on their own recovery.
The guidance in Foundation Pret in herstel in recovery focuses on recovery from addiction and improvement in all other areas of life within one to three years. A counseling at Foundation Pret in herstel includes:

  • Personal counseling 2 to 5 times a week.
  • Telephone conversation 1x per day.
  • Making day- and weekly planning.
  • Registration feelings on paper everyday and discuss with counselor.
  • Reintegration.
  • Putting allowance, health insurance and administration in order.
  • Debts mapping and, if necessary, guidance to a debt settlement program.
  • Guidance to day activities, volunteer- or paid work.
  • Guidance in an independent living situation.
  • Building social contacts.
  • Aftercare talks.

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Information for referrers

  • Addiction is a psychological, chronic, progressive and spiritual disease. The social consequences of the disease (debt, lack of social contacts, no housing, inadequate personal care and unemployment) are often the cause of relapse in substance use.
  • In consultation with the client and current practitioner (s) of the addiction-clinic there will be searched for an appropriate follow-up of a life in recovery after discharge from the clinic.
  • It is proved that the guidance of Foundation Pret in herstel is a good addition to living in one of our housing-projects.
  • Reference to Foundation Peret in herstel takes place under the overall responsibility of a therapist (psychologist or psychiatrist).
  • Clients can also independently choose to be accompanied by Foundation Pret in herstel.
  • Foundation Pret in herstel provides a guidance of 12/36 months.
  • Foundation Pret in herstel is not a treatment setting. However, we are working closely with hospitals, doctors and other practitioners.