Accommodation costs Pih:

Our institution has an AGB code for RIWB [Regional Institution for Protected Living], which is why we observe the regulations of the National accessibility for social shelter and protected living. We also have an AGB code for outpatient care and WLZ (long-term care). 
Additionally, we have a Wonen Plus (supervised housing) department. Clients need to pay a personal contribution (ZEB) of €350 per month for that trajectory. These residents will not be cut on their benefits. The personal contribution must be paid to the CAK [Central Administration Office]. The CAK offers an example calculation tool. As of 1-1-2020, the sum has been fixed at €19 per month. Our facilities are available to every citizen residing in the Netherlands, subject to availability and our specific criteria. The WWB [Work and Social Assistance Act] benefit for single households will not be cut, which is €1,052 (2020). For further information and to see whether this applies to you, please go to the website of the Municipality of The Hague.

Indication criteria for a referral:

  • The addiction is the primary problem.
  • The client has or has been treated for a psychiatric problem.
  • The client currently receives or recently received treatment.
  • The client will actively take part in support groups.
  • The client is motivated to work on his/her recovery.

The support and counseling offered by Pret in herstel focus on recovery from the addiction and improvement in all other aspects of life within one to eighteen months. A counseling trajectory at Pret in herstel includes, among other things:   

  • Personal counseling 2 to 5 x per week.
  • Informal support
  • Follow-up talks by phone.
  • Making day and week schedules.
  • Keeping a daily diary about feelings and experiences and discussing them with the counselor.
  • Reintegration trajectory.
  • Organizing benefits, healthcare insurance, and personal administration.
  • Making an inventory of debts and, if necessary, get support towards a debt relief trajectory.
  • Support with finding daytime activities, volunteer work, or a paid job.
  • Support with finding independent housing.
  • Building up a social network.
  • Aftercare sessions.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the sheltered housing facilities (safe houses).
  • Lunch is included in the supervised housing facilities
  • Permanent supervision at multiple locations.
  • Accommodation costs are included for the safe houses.
  • Personal contribution to be paid for accommodation with supervised housing is €350 per month.
  • Addictions are a mental, chronic, progressive, and spiritual illness. The impact of the illness on the client's social situation (debts, lack of social contacts, no housing, failing personal care and hygiene, and unemployment) are often the reason for relapsing and the continued use of substances.
  • Together with the client and the current counselor(s) at the addiction clinic, we will look for an adequate follow-up trajectory to live a life in recovery after discharge from the clinic.
  • The support and counseling offered by Pret in herstel have proven to be a good addition to the accommodation offered in one of our housing facilities.
  • The current practitioner (psychologist or psychiatrist) is responsible for the referral to Pret in herstel.
  • Clients can also choose to join the Pret in herstel counseling options independently.
  • Pret in herstel offers a sheltered housing trajectory of 12 - 18 months.
  • Pret in herstel is not a treatment institution. We do collaborate closely with clinics, physicians, and other practitioners.

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Information for referrers

  • Addiction is a psychological, chronic, progressive and spiritual disease. The social consequences of the disease (debt, lack of social contacts, no housing, inadequate personal care and unemployment) are often the cause of relapse in substance use.
  • In consultation with the client and current practitioner (s) of the addiction-clinic there will be searched for an appropriate follow-up of a life in recovery after discharge from the clinic.
  • It is proved that the guidance of Foundation Pret in herstel is a good addition to living in one of our housing-projects.
  • Reference to Foundation Peret in herstel takes place under the overall responsibility of a therapist (psychologist or psychiatrist).
  • Clients can also independently choose to be accompanied by Foundation Pret in herstel.
  • Foundation Pret in herstel provides a guidance of 12/36 months.
  • Foundation Pret in herstel is not a treatment setting. However, we are working closely with hospitals, doctors and other practitioners.