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Outpatient support and daytime activities

You don't always need to stay at one of our housing locations. It may be preferable to work on your recovery from your own home. With our outpatient support options, our staff can support you at home but, again, this is always based on the 12 Steps Minnesota model. We help you with your reintegration into society after your treatment at a 12 Steps clinic and offer our support and guidance to a healthy and addiction-free life. The process of recovering from addictions and behavioral problems is something that only you can do, but you don't have to do it alone! We help you by showing you that a life free of addictions can be fun, comfortable, and pleasant.


How we/you do this?

  • You can register for outpatient support with Pih by going to the ‘sign up’ page on our website. After you have entered your details and submitted the form, one of our case managers will make an appointment for a screening interview by phone. During this talk, we can indicate whether Pih will be the right place for you. 
  • If so, we will schedule an intake interview of about an hour during which we will set up a preliminary counseling plan and prepare an intake report. This will be done in our GDPR-compliant ECD system. All this will result in a so-called Self-Sufficiency Matrix (SSM) that gives an overview of your care need. 
  • The formal registration with the municipality where you live will then follow. Based on this, the municipality and Pih will determine the adequate care needed for you and how we can provide this care and support. The support will be at home and at our location. (outpatient support is only available in certain regions). Below, you can see which municipalities we work with.
  • The refunds are mostly on a ‘care in-kind’ basis (ZIN). This means that you don't have to organize the administration yourself and you are not expected to be responsible for any documentation about the care you receive. We have contracts with various municipalities, which means that all aspects of our method have been assessed by these municipalities. 
  • You may also receive treatment for underlying problems at our NuGGZ treatment center. Such problems may arise from personality disorders, anxiety and depression, or less severe traumas. More information about all the treatments can be found on the NuGGZ website.


We offer guidance in the following eleven areas and aspects of life:

  • Finances
    Together, we will make an inventory of your financial situation and whether you need our help in that regard. This will be included in your counseling plan and our budget coach will support you with this.

  • Daytime activities
    Our daytime activities all focus on your recovery process. You can find several types of activities below.

  • Housing
    We will evaluate your current housing situation and whether this should be improved, and if so, we will jointly make a plan to do this. We will discuss your wishes and try to fulfill them together with you.

  • Domestic relationships
    We are going to look into your current domestic relationships and assess whether you or the person(s) you live with need support in this area. This will be done together with you and the person(s) you live with. And if necessary, we can start a family constellations trajectory.

  • Mental health
    Pih has a practical way of evaluating your mental health and state of mind, for which we organize weekly groups. Counseling meetings are offered by your personal counselor. A report about these meetings will be made and, when necessary, we will adjust the objective. Our number one goal is your recovery but we also look at any possible underlying problems. This also means that your recovery depends on an open-minded attitude on your part.

  • Physical health
    If necessary, we will offer our guidance on this aspect. If we are unable to offer this care aspect ourselves, then this will be organized via one of our chain partners.

  • Recovery
    The 12 Steps model is the daily basis to develop and achieve mutual self-sufficiency and to ensure that you have built up a healthy recovery network by the time your care trajectory ends.

  • Daily life activities
    Your circadian rhythm will be recorded and, if necessary, adjusted to a healthy one. We offer support with the organization of household chores, laundry, and cooking and, if necessary, we make sure that you learn the skills to do these things yourself.

  • Social network
    Together, we will evaluate your support system and, where necessary, help you to strengthen the relationships. Our counselors can help you to set goals to restore such relationships. All counselors have taken a family constellations training.

  • Social participation 
    Becoming a valuable person in society is a goal in itself. Together, we will look for goals you can achieve during the year and you will be supported by Pih. When you have finished the outpatient trajectory, we would like you to be clean, have a job, and have a well-organized support system.

  • Legal issues
    If necessary, we will jointly seek a suitable and feasible solution and start a legal trajectory. We have collaboration agreements with several law firms.

Outpatient support elements:

  • House call
  • 1-on-1 counseling
  • Recovery groups
  • Cooking
  • Eating meals together
  • Sports
  • Recreational and educational outings
  • Presentations 
  • Financial


The strength of our method is that we work with you to set goals and achieve them. “Day by Day” is our motto.



Daytime activities
At Pret in herstel, we understand the value of having a job. It is an important step on the road to recovery and your reintegration into society. Daytime activities are a great first step to move your life forwards and offer a perspective for the future.

The types of daytime activities vary per municipality and region; these municipalities offer us the opportunity to provide our clients with the care they need.

Outpatient support and daytime activities:

ZIN (care in-kind)

  • Leiden
  • Leiderdorp
  • Oegstgeest
  • Zoeterwoude-Dorp
  • The Hague

Personal Budget (PGB)

  • Lansingerland
  • Leidschendam-Voorburg
  • Pijnacker-Nootdorp
  • Wassenaar
  • Zoetermeer
  • Delft
  • Midden-Delfland
  • Rijswijk
  • Westland

We use this type of support to help you reintegrate into society in the best possible way after you have completed the 12 Steps treatment.

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