We offer counseling and support to recovering addicts and help them along on their road to recovery after they have finished their 12 Steps Minnesota treatment, so they can regain their place in society. We do this by showing and teaching our clients what life in recovery entails and support them at one of our housing options, all based on the 8 stages model and 11 aspects of life. You can read some of the client experiences below.

My time at Pih was really good. I could move straight into a great room and I felt at home there. A good spot to be on my own for a while when I needed it. Or when I needed to work on my steps and education. My room was also large enough to do some exercise. Perfect!

Living with other people in one house took some getting used to. It certainly was a learning curve for me to socialize and live with different types of people. But it turned out to be a good process and I made some great friends. With one person in particular, Rob. I can honestly say that he has become my best friend. He has played a big role in my recovery. A true and very valuable friendship.

The support offered by Pih is very personal and tailored to my situation. Very much focused on the individual. This worked really well for me. After all, it is my care need that counts. I used my time at Pih very well. After being there for a month, I started to do volunteer work, which I did besides my post-treatment trajectory at Castle Craig. It is good that we can only spend a limited number of hours on volunteer work, otherwise I would have worked myself to the bone, which would not have helped my recovery process.

My counselor supported me really well when I asked for help. He was very interested in my process. And he gave me the feeling of being in a safe environment. I learned that I can make big steps by showing my vulnerability and being open-minded. Whenever I encountered problems, there was someone to talk to at the office. I never experienced that they didn’t make time. Even if I just needed to have a chat. I always left feeling better than when I came.


The groups were great. We did a really good exercise that focused on being open-minded and vulnerable, which helped me greatly during my whole process.

I also joined some of the workshops, during which I learned a lot too. I only managed to join a few of them because I was busy working, studying, etc. But that was fine as long as everything you do focuses on your recovery.

All in all, I had a great time at Pih. I was able to choose how I could work on my recovery, determine my own path and trajectory, but based on a fixed structure, a good day-and-night rhythm, and obligations. Both within the house and society. I could not have wished for better support. I particularly liked the fact that I could make my own choices. And during the course of the trajectory, the care offered by Pih moved to the background as my sense of responsibility grew. But they were always available.

The closure of my trajectory was good as well. I could immediately start in the outpatient group on Tuesday, which I enjoy very much as well. A safe haven with the same secure feeling that I had with the Pih counselors. It's the perfect move from a safe house to living on my own. The same safe haven to fall back on.

I am super grateful to Pih for their excellent care and the chance they have given me to become a full member of society again. It’s work in progress, but it is going to happen. From seeing no future for myself one year ago to a wonderful future now.


Pret in herstel offered me the chance and opportunity to rebuild myself and my life from scratch.

After having spent my time at the clinic, I went to Pret in herstel. This was in the summer of 2013. Together with the other women in recovery, I could live in a safe, comfortable, and nice house. A real safe house. Not only did I learn a lot but we also had some great times together. Pret in herstel offered me the chance and opportunity to rebuild myself and my life from scratch. And I accepted that chance with open arms! With the help and support from Pret in herstel, I have achieved so much! In all aspects of my life. Thanks to the outings we had, I also learned to enjoy life again, which was really cool. So I look back on this period with a warm feeling.

The professional and committed counselors gave me what I needed to grow. I never gave up and whenever I struggled, they pulled me through. This is how I managed to build up a strong foundation for the life I lead now. Today, I live my life free of addictions and with gratitude in my heart. I still reap the benefits of everything I learned at Pret in herstel. So I would say, if you get the chance, go for it and go for yourself!


My name is Axel, I’m 33 years old, and I recently moved to Rijswijk where I am living fully independently for the first time in my life. I was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and gambling for 12 years. These addictions nearly ruined me. Luckily, I have a sister who cares for me very much and she signed me up for a rehab clinic in Scotland. After my 18-week trajectory there, I was advised to go to sheltered housing, a safe house, and I was introduced to Pret in herstel.

During the two years that I stayed with Pret in herstel, I learned everything about myself and my character - in my own way but also under the watchful eye of the counselors - how my character had been formed and how this hugely affected my addictions. I also learned how to deal with my emotions and situations in a healthy manner.

Without all this, I would never have been where I am now: independent, with peace of mind, free of debts, and with my whole life and the world lying before me.


De formule

Het verblijf in een beschermde woonomgeving houdt in dat je samenwoont met anderen. Je hebt je eigen kamer en deelt de woonkamer, open keuken, toilet en douche met je medebewoners. Je leert te socializen op een dieper niveau en je kunt op de steun van je fellows rekenen en er voor je fellows zijn. Tijdens dit verblijf van maximaal een jaar word je intensief begeleid door het Pret in herstel-team.

After investigating several avenues, it became clear to me that a Pret in herstel Safehouse would be the best way for me to work on my recovery safely and in a new environment.

My road to recovery started well over a year before I came to live at Pret in herstel. My drug addiction while I was still living with my parents had created an impossible and intolerable situation. At some point, I was so depressed that I avoided any form of social contact, even with my family. I decided to look for help and this was the first time I got in touch with addiction care, which was a 10-day detox.

This didn't help much. I then applied for a place at Castle Craig and on 23 December 2014, I went to Scotland for 10 weeks. There, I learned a lot about addictions and I saw a future for myself again. I was advised to move to a safe house after my stay in Scotland, but as I felt better than I had in a long time, I wanted to try it on my own. I went back to my familiar environment, living with my parents, and after 3 weeks, my situation deteriorated again. I realized that Pret in herstel Safehouse would be the best way for me to work on my recovery safely and in a new environment, so I could build up a new foundation for a new life.

Getting a place at Pret in herstel has been one of the best choices I made over the past years. It allowed me to work on myself in many different ways, within a good, new, and safe living environment. And although the staff has to deal with so many different people, often with many complex personal issues, they do their job extremely well. The team is easy to talk to and they are a genuine part of the group within Pret in herstel.

This is my final month here and I am confident in taking my next step in the outside world. I’ll be living on my own in a really nice studio in the city center of The Hague and thanks to my stay at Pret in herstel, I feel super motivated and a healthy dose of excitement about this new step.


After my time at a clinic, I could move to Pret in herstel in December 2014. At Pih, I got the chance to find myself again after a time of making the wrong choices. Pih offered professional and personal care as well as a safe house with people who are going through similar experiences. I am very grateful for the chances I managed to create for myself with their help. I now live my life with hope, courage, trust, and free of addiction! And I am living


I enjoy the 1-on-1 sessions most of all because they give me great feedback when I worry about something.

My name is Sophie and I’m 26 years old. I’ve had different types of addiction treatments since I was 22. Unfortunately, they were not effective enough. I had been clean for a bit over a year and then I relapsed. That was when I went to a clinic that followed the 12 Steps program and even though it was hard, I also realized that it worked for me.

I was glad to move to Pret in herstel after this treatment so I could work on my full recovery in a relaxed setting while still following the 12 Steps program. It was also quite daunting because I had to move to another city. The people who work here, and my housemates, have made me feel very welcome and support me in everything. I have two 1-on-1 sessions per week, I do a meditation course, we have the day opening, I have supervised workouts twice a week, one group session per week, and can even join the others for lunch. Most of all, I enjoy the 1-on-1 sessions because they give me great feedback when I worry about something. The same goes for the group session but then I get feedback from the other residents, about how they deal with certain issues. These last two weeks were very hard on me but being with Pret in herstel has pulled me through. I have now been clean for 4 months and 2 weeks.

I will soon be starting to study and, in the meantime, I will do some volunteer work. So, by taking baby steps, I am finding my way back into society.


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Thanks to the help I got at Pret in herstel, I can enjoy life again. And that also means that I have a lesser chance of relapsing.

My name is Karim, I’m 31 years old, and born and raised in The Hague. I was addicted to cannabis, alcohol, and speed for 14 years. My childhood was not an easy one. My brother, who was an addict, was often aggressive and there was a lot of fighting going on at home. I got involved with the wrong crowd and I was picked up by the police a couple of times. My parents also died when they were quite young, after which I became homeless and had to live on the street. Besides that, I also have a very curious nature. So with all of this, it wasn’t such a big surprise that I got addicted, which went from bad to worse. Until, at some point, I realized that I had reached rock bottom.

I was so unhappy. Everybody looked down on me, my family no longer trusted me. I felt like a nobody. So I started thinking about life and how to move on. If I wanted to feel happy again and find some peace of mind, then I had to stop using drugs and alcohol. And so I took the plunge. A few months later, I was in the clinic run by the Salvation Army in Apeldoorn where my personal counselor supported me. He also advised me to find a safe place to go to after the clinical treatment. He registered me with Pret in herstel; a care institution specialized in working with recovering addicts, based on the 12 Steps of the Minnesota model. I can safely say that it is one of the best safe houses in the Netherlands. All the counselors are experienced experts. They know exactly what you are going through because they were once addicts themselves.

It's a combination of seriously working on your recovery and having fun during the outings, the meals you have together, and sports. They also have someone who can help you get a grip on your finances, like making an inventory of your debts and everything involved with a debt relief scheme or applying for social benefits. As in my case. This took away a lot of the stress I felt inside and it gave room for other things. They are happy to do this and I really appreciate it. When I leave here, I would like to back to school. I want to get more diplomas to increase my chances of finding a good job and enjoy what I’m doing. Thanks to the help I got at Pret in herstel, I can enjoy life again. And that also means that I have a lesser chance of relapsing.


During my stay at Pret in herstel, I realized that I had been given a good second chance to rebuild my life in a healthy and structured way.

The professional and sympathetic team guided me through every aspect. They taught me how to take the initiative and ask for help. I never felt unsafe at Pret in herstel, contrary to my past and the living conditions I used to find myself in. Pret in herstel also showed me how to build up a social network that is good for me. A network that I still happily turn to today. And Pret in herstel will always be part of that network.


Before I came to Pret in herstel, my life wasn't good. Like with any addict, I have been through a lot and looking at my childhood years, I can say that my behavior already showed signs of addictions. The misery really started when I started using substances as an adolescent. It started quite innocently and the final straw was when I was kicked out of my house. My mother gave me one choice: live on the street and lose her, or go to a young addicts clinic in the Ardennes, in Belgium. Although the choice was quickly made, it wasn't done voluntarily. Afterward, I relapsed and it all fell apart again. Until at one point, I chose myself to undergo a treatment and things got better, and that is when I signed up with Pret in herstel. I think it's the best choice I have ever made. The first 3 months went really well thanks to all the help and support, and my own willingness to turn my life around. Here, you get what you need and you have a counselor who can help you with everything.

I started a relationship and then very soon it didn't go so well anymore, and I would never have made it through without the help of Pret in herstel. You can contact them 24/7 and they have a really good program based on the 12 Minnesota Steps. I learned a lot about myself and I also learned everything I needed to know so I can live on my own, from household chores to accepting responsibility for what I do. I still struggle sometimes, but they really help their clients to get it right. The atmosphere between the counselors and the clients is very good, they understand you and know where you’re coming from. They never judge and are here for you. You can rely on them and they give you a warm feeling. I’m absolutely sure that when I do what I have to do, I can stand on my own two feet later on.

Here, you get what you need and you have a counselor who can help you with everything.

What they say on their website is all true, they work on the 11 aspects of life and offer help with anything you need. When you accept their help and make use of the suggestions they offer, YOU can start to rely on and trust yourself and build up a good life. YOU'RE NOT ALONE, BUT IT'S YOU WHO NEEDS TO APPLY WHAT THEY OFFER.


My name is Iwan and I’m an addict. I’m 37 years old and have been struggling with addictions for a long time. I went to a clinic for the first time in 2017 but, unfortunately, it didn't last long before I relapsed because I lacked the willingness and honesty. This relapse was like hell and I ended up in hospital. This was my wake-up call, I couldn’t go on like this. I decided to get myself admitted in Scotland, which was tough but also very informative. While I was there, I knew I couldn't go back to my old environment and I heard about the option to continue my recovery in a safe house. Ultimately, I found Pret in herstel and I went straight to the safe house after my clinical treatment. The year I spent there literally transformed my life positively. I found the space to really work on myself, in a safe environment with other recovering addicts. I followed various therapies as well as the program of the safe house, and this was what I needed. The group sessions and the 1-on-1 talks with the counselors were hugely helpful.

During this period, and with the help of the counselors and the other clients in the house, I found out who I am and what I want.

I’ve been clean for 16 months now, I have my own place to live, and I’m going back to school. I’m not saying that it's been easy but it certainly has been worth it, and I can honestly say that I love myself again and that I’m taking part in society. That's why I can’t thank Pret in herstel enough, that they gave me this chance to work on myself.


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