Pret in Herstel can offer you:

  • A stay in a protected living environment
We work with these types of housing to help you in the best possible way to reintegrate into society after treatment. We guide you in the next ten areas;

  1. Housing
  2. Finance
  3. Social functioning
  4. Psychological functioning
  5. Meaning
  6. Physical functioning
  7. Practical work
  8. Daytime activities
  9. Personal care
  10. Recovery

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The strength of our approach is that we will work with you to set goals and achieve them. "Day by day" is our motto.

Your stay at Fun in Recovery or Pret In Herstel is in line with the 12 Steps Minnesota treatment. You get personal guidance; you go to your groups, to meetings and join the group activities. There is no permanent supervision but it is expected of you that you take your own responsibility. If you do this, there is a high probability of success. We cooperate with all institutions and clinics that treat addicts in the Netherlands based on the Minnesota model and also we have a collaboration with 12 steps addiction clinic Castle Craig in Scotland. We offer a healthy and positive work environment for our staff, consisting of trained experts. We do this so that the client can see that a life in recovery is fun and challenging. Hence our name: Pret in herstel aka Fun in recovery.

We are reliable and transparent in our process services to clients, family, employees, supply chain partners, referrers and other companions of the client. Because they are important for joint success.