Pret in herstel can offer the following:
Housing, counseling, and daytime activities in a sheltered living environment. 

How does Pih work
You can register with Pih by going to the ‘sign up’ page on our website. After you have entered your details and submitted the form, one of our case managers will make an appointment for a screening interview by phone. During this talk, we can indicate whether Pih will be the right place for you.
If so, we then schedule an intake interview of about an hour during which we set up a preliminary counseling plan and prepare an intake report. This is done in our GDPR compliant ECD system. All this will result in a so-called Self-Sufficiency Matrix (SSM) that gives an overview of your required care. 

The formal registration with the municipality where you live will then follow. Based on this, the municipality and Pih will determine the adequate care needed for you and how we can provide the care and support you need. This will generally result in a trajectory based on sheltered or supervised housing. Provided that the (lesser) care need allows for it, there is the option to start an outpatient trajectory immediately. You will then be offered the care at home and/or at our location as an outpatient client. (Outpatient support is only available in certain regions). Sheltered or supervised housing is available throughout the country.

The refunds are mostly on a ‘care in-kind’ basis (ZIN). This means that you won’t be burdened by the administration yourself and you are not expected to be responsible for any documentation about the care you receive. We have contracts with various municipalities, which means that all aspects of our system and method have been assessed by these municipalities. Under ‘Partners’ you can see which municipalities we have formed partnerships with. When you live in a municipality we don't have specific arrangements with, the refunds are given based on invoices, subsidies, payment agreements, or via the personal budget (PGB).

The care indication provided by the municipality will also indicate whether you need to pay the rent for your room at Pih yourself. All this will be discussed when we have received the care indication and the decision from the municipality. The personal contribution (ZEB - zelfstandige eigen bijdrage) is €350 per month, which includes lunch and a gym pass that you can pick up at our office. You can go to the gym either in the morning or in the afternoon. The outing we organize is also included. We organize an outing once a month and we will visit an attraction park or some other outdoor event twice a year. Another annual event we go to is the convention for which you can register as well. Everything we organize is focused on the Pih program.

You will come to us straight from the clinic (subject to availability) and stay in a private single room in one of our houses. During the first 6 weeks, we will analyze your care need and evaluate this together with you. Based on this assesment, which is repeated every 3 months until your trajectory has finished, the goals can be adjusted.
Another option may be a treatment for underlying problems at our NuGGZ treatment center. Such problems may be caused by personality disorders, anxiety and depression, or less severe traumas. More information about these treatments can be found on the NuGGZ website.


We offer guidance in the following eleven areas and aspects of life:

  1. Finances
    Together, we will make an inventory of your financial situation and assess whether you need our help in that regard. This will be included in your counseling plan and our budget coach will support you with this.
  1. Daytime activities
    Our daytime activities are all focused on your recovery. You can find several types of activities below.
  1. Housing
    Together, we will assess how your post-treatment trajectory can be structured. We will evaluate which type of housing would be available for you - with or without the option of outpatient care. We will jointly investigate the options and choose the right one for you. When you join us, you will need to provide an address where you can live when you leave our accommodation. This is required in case the trajectory is not completed for whatever reason. Pih maintains a zero-tolerance policy, meaning that abuse and use of substances or aggressive behavior automatically imply that you choose to relocate to your post-trajectory address. 
  1. Domestic relationships
    You will be living with several people in one house and you all have your different personalities and experiences. This allows you to learn from each other and we often see friendships being made for life. 
  1. Mental health
    Pih has a practical way of evaluating your mental health and state of mind, for which we organize weekly groups and workshops. Counseling meetings are offered by your personal counselor. Reports about these meetings will be made and, when necessary, we will adjust the goals. Our number one priority is your recovery but we also look at any possible underlying problems. This also means that your recovery depends on an open-minded attitude on your part.
  1. Physical health
    If necessary, we will offer our guidance on this aspect. When we are unable to offer this care aspect ourselves, then this will be organized via one of our chain partners. 
  1. Recovery
    The 12 Steps Minnesota model is the daily basis to develop and achieve self-sufficiency and to ensure that you have built up a healthy recovery network by the time your care trajectory ends.
  1. Daily life activities
    From the moment you come to us, we will help you with organizing household chores, laundry, and cooking, so that you will have learned how to take on these daily activities by the time you leave us. 
  1. Social network
    Together, we will evaluate your support system and, where necessary, help you to strengthen these relationships. Our counselors can help you with setting goals to restore such relationships. All counselors have done a family constellations training.
  1. Social participation 
    One of the main goals of your recovery process is finding a way to develop as a person within society. Together, we will look for goals that you can achieve during the year you receive care at Pih. When you leave us, we would like you to be clean, have a job, and a well-organized support system.
  1. Legal issues
    When necessary, we will jointly seek a suitable and feasible solution and start a legal trajectory. We have collaboration agreements with several law firms.


Daytime activities Sheltered housing:

  1. Recovery groups
  2. House call
  3. Cooking
  4. Sports
  5. Recreational and educational outings
  6. Presentations 
  7. Community meetings
  8. First Aid
  9. What to do in case of a fire
  10. Workshop Housing
  11. Workshop Reintegration
  12. Computer skills
  13. Workshop Relapse Prevention
  14. Workshop 12 Steps
  15. Workshop Budget
  16. Yoga
  17. Meditation

The strength of our method is that we work with you to set goals and achieve them. “Day by Day” is our motto.


Stay in sheltered or supervised housing
Your stay and the counseling you receive is based on the 12 Steps Minnesota treatment model. You will get personal guidance from your personal counselor. You will participate in group sessions and group activities. There is 24/7 care nearby and one of the counselors is always available by phone. If necessary, one of the counselors can be at the location within 15 to 30 minutes.

There will always be someone on-site during the following hours: Laan van Meerdervoort / Koningin Emmakade.
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday/Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
There will be a full program during these hours.

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
You are also expected to accept that you are responsible for your own behavior and participation. When you do this, you give yourself every chance to succeed. We collaborate with all institutions and clinics in the Netherlands that offer treatments for addicts based on the Minnesota model. We also collaborate with other addiction treatment clinics that use a 12 Steps model.

We provide a healthy and positive work environment for our staff who are all highly trained experienced experts. This shows our clients that life in recovery can be fun and challenging. Hence our name: Pret in herstel - Fun in recovery. 

Sheltered or supervised housing
The agreements we have with various municipalities regarding the funding can be based on ‘care in-kind’ (ZIN), through subsidies, or invoice-based. Please contact Pih to check whether and how this applies to the municipality where you are registered.

Personal Budget (PGB)

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