Vision Client Council

Principles and Goal:

The client council is a supportive body that aims to bridge the needs and wishes of the clients and those of the counseling staff. This means that, as the client council, we strive for maintaining the quality of the care and we offer clients the opportunity to communicate their wishes or issues they are dealing with in their daily lives to the Executive Board of Pret in herstel.

How we work:

The collaboration between the members of the client council is based on trust, in which openness, honesty, and compassion are the basic requirements of this function. The members of the client council are addicts in recovery and use the facilities offered by Pret in herstel. The client council discusses matters that relate to Pret in herstel. The council meets with Pret in herstel at least once a month, during which current affairs or issues related to clients are discussed.
As the client council, we receive input and suggestions from both clients of Pret in herstel and the counseling staff, for which they can contact us at all times. We maintain an open mind and vision and our advice and findings are independent and non-binding. One of the basic principles of the client council is anonymity. We safeguard the anonymity of the clients as a counselor.




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Het verblijf in een beschermde woonomgeving houdt in dat je samenwoont met anderen. Je hebt je eigen kamer en deelt de woonkamer, open keuken, toilet en douche met je medebewoners. Je leert te socializen op een dieper niveau en je kunt op de steun van je fellows rekenen en er voor je fellows zijn. Tijdens dit verblijf van maximaal een jaar word je intensief begeleid door het Pret in herstel-team.

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