Vision on Supervision within Pret in herstel

Pret in herstel (Pih) offers counseling services to people who, after a clinical addiction treatment, wish to continue their lives free of the use of substances, and function within society as productive and responsible adults. Pih offers this counseling in the areas of housing, work, education, debt relief, as well as further psychological care, and believes that clients can find support with each other and that they can help each other in this trajectory. 

Pih provides a caring environment with creative options to find solutions for challenges in many aspects of life and where the pleasure in living a life in recovery can be found. The atmosphere, the way clients are approached, the professionalism, and the activities of the team must literally be ‘exemplary’. The clients of Pih will follow this example and, in this way, find solutions for their challenges. The Supervisory Board finds it important that everyone feels safe within the familiar Pih environment and enjoys working on his/her personal development. 

The role of the Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht - RvT) is to ensure that these important elements of Pih, and the quality of care, the safety, and the business operations related to the services, are also ‘exemplary’. It is important that, during their counseling trajectory, the clients learn to realize that life in recovery is fun and challenging. Everything is aimed at increasing the quality of care, to reduce the chance of relapse, and to offer clients the chance to continue their lives successfully.

To structure the functioning of the RvT, five core principles concerning the execution of responsibilities of the Rvt have been established. These principles are:

  • Mutual transparency, respect, and trust
  • Offering a healthy ‘challenge’ from the RvT to the Executive Board
  • Multidisciplinary composition of the RvT
  • In line with the goal and complexity of the organization
  • Always with the organization's goal in mind


1. Mutual transparency, respect, and trust

Transparency, respect, and trust are the main principles that allow us to carry out our work. The Board will always make every effort to live up to these principles.

2. Offering a healthy challenge from the RvT to the Executive Board 

By maintaining good employment practices, the RvT ensures that the right executive(s) will manage the organization. Apart from that, we will offer both solicited and unsolicited advice and expect to be consulted by the executive(s) when issues arise that affect the quality of care.

3. Multidisciplinary composition of the RvT

With the different backgrounds of the members of the RvT, the board provides the expertise to consult on a wide range of themes; experience in healthcare ensures a view on the quality and safety of the care services; financial expertise ensures a sharp eye on the financial developments of the organization; experience expertise in the area of addictions and recovery ensures a passionate connection with the Pih clients and their needs; and, lastly, the marketing background of one of the RvT members offers a wider view on the effect that Pih has on society as a whole. 

4. In line with the goal and complexity of the organization

Pih is a young organization that is growing fast. The RvT acknowledges the fact that this entails rapid changes and wants to attune its functioning to what Pih needs. To do this correctly, the RvT takes extra care to follow the developments within the organization but also to be seen by the staff and the clients

5. Always with the organization's goal in mind

The goal of Pih is clear: supporting people who have finished an addiction treatment in their further recovery process. All the activities undertaken by Pih, including those of the RvT, are geared to that end.

This ‘vision on supervision’ is not a static document. It will be regularly evaluated and, where necessary, refocus its content.


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