During the application, we first check whether you are eligible for admittance to our institution. This is quite an extensive process and we expect your full cooperation. These are the required steps before you are accepted:

  • As described in our protocol, we first collect all kinds of documents. You receive these documents by email after your application.
  • We will then schedule an intake interview, which can be done by phone, face-to-face, or via Skype.
  • We will evaluate this interview and decide whether you will be placed on the waiting list or you will be offered a reservation for a place with us straight away, which you will hear from us immediately as well.
  • The required documents and other necessary information are all bundled and you need to forward them to your municipality. We need to recieve confirmation from you that this has been done.
  • Should you leave your treatment center earlier than planned and you have been given an indication from your municipality, then we will check if there might already be a place available for you with one of our colleagues. Obtaining the indication as quickly as possible is key to ensure that we can offer you a place within the short term as well. Preferably straight from a clinical setting.

Important to know:
The waiting time is always an estimation as we never know exactly how many clients need urgent or extended support. 
We also have the option to start your trajectory on an outpatient basis first. This would be a temporary solution but it ensures that you at least get some help straight away. Go to the outpatient support page to check in which regions this can be done.

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